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Outstanding life science product suppliers

Some suppliers of life science products are clearly better than others. The differences between an average and an outstanding product supplier are hard to find for most organizations. Using inferior products from average suppliers, could have a lot of bad consequences for an organization. A little help in this process is something that is always useful. This article sums up a few outstanding life science product suppliers.

Lynx Lynx

is a company that never fails to bring cutting edge technology to the market. The Lynx Liquid Handling Robot Series Platform is the newest product and is designed to meet the expectations of today. The VVP Pipetting technology takes the guesswork out of measuring pipettes. The product is able to communicate computers like other products from competitors. The edge of this product, is that it is relatively easy to program.

Xiril Robotic Workstation

Some suppliers tend to focus on companies with a smaller to middle sized workload. Xiril is one of these companies. Xiril introduced the Robotic Workstation Footprint. This workstation is made in 100 cm and 150 cm sizes. The multiple tasking arms will make labor intensive work a lot easier. Each of these robots is relatively inexpensive. Implementing a robotic workstation from Xiril could be a great first step to automation.

RBC Bioscience 

RBC Bioscience is a company that specializes in the isolating of different samples. The RBC MagCore HF48 is the current best product from RBC Bioscience. The system is very user friendly and is able to hold a large quantity of samples at once. 48 Samples can be examined at once and this is a lot compared to competitors.  Lynx, Xiril and RBC Bioscience are important companies within the market. They all bring something to the table that differentiates them from competition. GC biotech is a company that offers all these brands (and many more). All the brands that CG biotech offers, are known for their outstanding performance. You can visit the site of CG biotech to see all the life science product suppliers of the company.