Within a few months a return on investment with forklift weighing scales

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What is the time in return on investment going to be? And is the investment going to be worth it? These are all questions that raise when you do a large investment. Investing in forklift weighing scales made by RAVAS answers those questions. While saving time and manpower in the weighing process, the forklift weighing scales have a full return on initial investment, in just a couple of months. They calculated that a mobile scale saves up to 200 manhours a year, which is around 48 minutes of work per day. The truck will earn itself back in around three months!

Did you know that forklift weighing scales save a lot of space?

Do you want to benefit from immediate cost savings? Then you need to buy forklift weighing scales from a specialist like RAVAS. However, scales take up a lot of space in a warehouse or dock. Most of the time they are clunky, and your forklift drivers must drive to and from a fixed point within the warehouse. Use forklift weighing scales from RAVAS. These forklift trucks have built-in scales that show the exact weight accurate, and in just a couple of seconds. A fixed floor scale is no longer needed, so why don’t you use this space to expand your business? RAVAS is happy to help you find the best forklift truck scale for your warehouse, just contact them!

Forklift weighing scales are 100% recyclable

If you want to improve different processes within your company, you can buy forklift weighing scales to do so. Choose Forklift weighing scales manufactured by RAVAS. These innovative mobile scales save you money, time and manpower, while being 100% recyclable. This means that, when worn out, the forklift weighing scales will be removed and recycled by the standards of the country that you live in. Did you know that the management system of RAVAS is certified according to ISO? This means that the customers of RAVAS know that the forklift weighing scales meet their expectations.